Princeton 1959
Princeton 1959
Princeton 1959
Princeton 1959
Princeton Court House 1959
Princeton Court House 1959
Mercer Street
Mercer Street
Mercer Street
Mercer Street
Do you remember any of these cars from our generation??
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1957 Chevy
1957 Chevy
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley
Frankie Avalon
Frankie Avalon
Shaggy Dog
Shaggy Dog
Ben Hur
Ben Hur

Doo Wop Oldies Quiz

Thirty great memories about music that caused our  parents and teachers grief! Take the quiz and see how you score as a true  'Oldies Fan.'  Write down your answers and check them against the  answers at the end.  Tell me how many you got correct and I will post it.  Don't cheat, now!

The leaders are:  
Margaret Crews Anderson:  28 points
Frances (Cook) Gillespie: 24 points
Ron Bailey: 22 points
Wilma Bowling: 21 points
Judy Effler Hedrick: 21 points

1. When did 'Little Suzie'  finally wake up?
(a)  The movie's over, it's 2 o'clock
(b)  The movie's over, it's 3 o'clock
(c)  The movie's over, it's 4 o'clock

2. 'Rock Around The Clock' was used  in what movie?
(a)  Rebel Without A Cause
(b)  Blackboard Jungle
(c)  The Wild Ones

3. What's missing from a Rock & Roll standpoint?   Earth ___
(a)  Angel
(b)  Mother
(c)  Worm

4.  'I found my thrill . . .'  where?
(a)  Kansas City
(b)  Heartbreak Hotel
(c)  Blueberry Hill

5.  'Please turn on your magic beam, _____  _____ bring me a  dream,:
(a)  Mr.. Sandman
(b)  Earth Angel
(c)  Dream Lover

6.  For which label did Elvis Presley first  record?
(a)  Atlantic
(b)  RCA
(c)  Sun

7. He asked, 'Why's everybody always pickin' on  me?'  Who was he?
(a)  Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
(b)  Charlie Brown
(c)  Buster Brown

8. Bobby Darin's 'Mack The Knife,' the one with the knife, was named:
(a)  MacHeath
(b)  MacCloud
(c)  MacNamara

9. Name the song with ''A-wop bop a-loo bop  a-lop bam boom.'
(a)  Good Golly, Miss Molly
(b)  Be- Bop-A-Lula
(c)  Tutti Fruitti

10.  Who is generally given credit for  originating the term  'Rock And Roll'?
(a)  Dick Clark
(b)  Wolfman Jack
(c)  Alan Freed

11.  In 1957, he left the music business to  become a  preacher:
(a)  Little Richard
(b)  Frankie Lymon
(c)  Tony Orlando

12.  Paul Anka's 'Puppy Love' is  written to what  star?
(a)  Brenda Lee
(b)  Connie Francis
(c)  Annette Funicello

13. The Everly Brothers are . .  .
(a)  Pete  and Dick
(b)  Don and Phil
(c)  Bob and Bill

14.  The Big Bopper's real name  was:
(a)  Jiles  P. Richardson
(b)  Roy Harold Scherer Jr.
(c)  Marion Michael Morrison

15..   In 1959, Berry Gordy, Jr.,  started a small record company called...
(a)  Decca
(b)  Cameo
(c)  Motown

16.   Edd Brynes had a hit with  'Kookie, Kookie , Lend Me  Your Comb'.
'What  TV show was he on?
(a)  77Sunset Strip
(b)  Hawaiian Eye
(c)  Surfside Six

17.   In 1960 Bobby Darin  married:
(a)  Carol Lynley
(b)  Sandra Dee
(c)  Natalie Wood

18.   They were a one hit wonder with  'Book Of Love':
(a)  The Penguins
(b)  The Monotones
(c)  The Moonglows

19.   The Everly Brothers sang a song  called 'Till I ________ You.'
(a)  Loved
(b)  Kissed
(c)  Met

20..   Chuck Berry sang 'Oh,  ___________, why can't you  be true?'
(a)  Suzie Q
(b)  Peggy Sue
(c)  Maybelline

21.   'Wooly  _______'
(a)  Mammouth
(b)  Bully
(c)  Pully

22.   'I'm like a one-eyed cat . .  .
(a)  can't go into town no more
(b)  sleepin' on a cold hard floor
(c)  peepin' in a seafood store

23.   'Sometimes I wonder what I'm  gonna do .....'
(a)  cause there ain't no answer for a life without  booze
(b)  cause there ain't no cure for the summertime  blues
(c)  cause my car's gassed up and I'm ready to  cruise

24.  'They often call me Speedo, but my real name is.  .  ......'
(a)  Mr.  Earl
(b)  Jackie Pearl
(c)  Milton Berle

25.   'You're my Fanny and nobody else's ......'
(a)  girl
(b)  butt
(c)  love

26.   'I want you to play with my . .  '
(a)  heart
(b)  dreams
(c)  ding a ling

27.   'Be Bop A Lula . .  '
(a)  she's got the rabies
(b)  she's my baby.
(c)  she loves me, maybe

28.   'Fine Love, Fine Kissing  ....'
(a)  right here
(b)  fifty cents
(c)  just for you

29.   'He wore black denim trousers  and ..'
(a)  a pink carnation
(b)  pink leotards
(c)  motorcycle boots

30.   'I got a gal named.  '
(a)  Jenny Zamboni
(b)  Gerri Mahoney
(c)  Boney Maron

1  (c)  The movie' s over,  it's 4  o'clock
2. (b)  Blackboard Jungle
3. (a)  Angel
4. (c)  Blueberry Hill
5. (a)  Mr.Sandman
6. (c)  Sun
7. (b) Charlie Brown
8. (a) MacHeath
9. (c)  Tutti Fruitti
10.(c)  Alan  Freed
11. (a) Little Richard
12. (c)  Annette  Funicello
13. (b)  Don and Phil
14. (a)  Jiles P.   Richardson
15. (c)  Motown
16. (a)  77 Sunset Strip
17. (b)  Sandra  Dee
18... (b)  The Monotones
19. (b)  Kissed
20. (c)  Maybelline
21. (b)  Bully
22. (c)  peepin' in a seafood store
23. (b)  cause there ain't no  cure for the  summertime blues
24. (a)  Mr.Earl
25. (b)  butt
26. (c)  ding a ling
27. (b)  she's my  baby
28. (a)  right here
29. (c)  motorcycle  boots
30. (c)  Boney Maroney
You know you're from Princeton, WV if...

1. It could take 45 minutes to drive down Mercer Street on a Friday or Saturday night.
2. You tell someone about the famous people from Princeton , then have to describe at length who they are.
3. You mention the guy who drowned in the old water tower and people know what you're talking about.
4. The only smart business venture is banks and restaurants.
5. You drive 5 miles in any direction and pass 20 car lots.
6. You were scared to go to the Princeton City Pool as a kid (for various reasons).
7. You did your major school shopping in Charleston , Charlotte , Winston Salem, or Roanoke .
8. You hate the Beavers.
9. There are as many vacancies as retailers at your local mall.
10. The best concerts came to Dottie O's Boot Scootin.
11. J-104 could seemingly be heard in the surrounding 8 states.
12. You mention Stumpy Bottom and people know what you're talking about.
13. Lowes changes locations more than some people change their underwear.
14. You picked up guys/girls in the Kroger parking lot.
15. The one place that can be seen from virtually anywhere is a strip club by the interstate that shines a spotlight a mile into the air.
16. People recognize the town as a stop off to Winterplace.
17. You inadvertently flip someone off while forming the state of WV with your hand to point out the location of Princeton .
18. You refer to Myrtle Beach as the 'Redneck Riviera '.
19. You say with pride that you went to a Blue Ribbon High School
20. You know why Bob Denver was arrested and where he lived.
21. You've experienced the Thrill on the Hill.
22. You've seen or gotten in a fight under Hunnicutt Stadium.
23. When people ask you how big Princeton is, you go into a lengthy explanation about how if everyone who has a Princeton address was included in the population it would be the 5th largest town in WV.
24. You've ever referred to Concord as UCLA ( University of Concord Located in Athens ).
25. You never thought you'd live to see the day when Starbucks came to town.
26. The tallest building in town is a senior citizens home.
27. The guy most likely to win in a gun-fight was the weather man, Stan Sweet.
28. The thought of 'Do-the-Deal' commercials from Ramey's still makes you nauseous.
29. You could pick Gertie out in a crowd.

Major Events of 1959

EFTA formed

Singapore becomes independent

Uprising in Tibet

DeGaulle agrees to vote on Algerian independence

St. Lawrence Seaway opens

Alaska & Hawaii admitted to the Union as the 49th and 50th states

Kitchen Debate

Castro takes over in Cuba

First flight of the X-15


NBA: Boston Celtics vs. Minneapolis Lakers Series: 4-0
NCAA Football: Syracuse Record: 11-0-0
Heisman Trophy: Billy Cannon, lsu, HB points: 1,929
Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens vs. Toronto Maple Leafs Series: 4-1
World Series: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Chicago White Sox Series: 4-2

Top Songs

1."Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" ... The Platters
2."Stagger Lee" ... Lloyd Price
3."Venus" ... Frankie Avalon
4."Come Softly to Me" ... The Fleetwoods
5."The Happy Organ" ... Dave "Baby" Cortez
6."Kanas City" ... Wilbert Harrison
7."The Battle of New Orleans" ... Johnny Horton
8."Lonely Boy" ... Paul Anka
9."A Big Hunk O' Love" ... Elvis Presley
10."The Three Bells" ... The Browns

Top Movies

1. Auntie Mame
2. Shaggy Dog
3. Some Like It Hot
4. Imitation of Life
5. The Nun's Story
6. Anatomy of a Murder
7. North by Northwest
8. Rio Bravo
9. Sleeping Beauty
10. Some Came Running

Academy Awards

Best Picture: "Ben-Hur"
Best Director: William Wyler ... "Ben-Hur"
Best Actor: Charlton Heston ... "Ben- Hur"
Best Actress: Simone Signoret ... "Room at the Top"

Grammy Awards

Record of the Year: "Mack the Knife" ... Bobby Darin
Song of the Year: "The Battle of New Orleans" ... Jimmy Driftwood
Album of the Year: "Come Dance with Me" ... Frank Sinatra
Male Vocalist: Frank Sinatra ... "Come Dance with Me"
Female Vocalist: Ella Fitzgerald ... "But Not for Me"

Nobel Prizes

HEYROVSKY, JAROSLAV, Czechoslovakia, Polarographic Institute of the Czechoslovak Academy of Science, Prague, b. 1890, d. 1967: "for his discovery and development of the polarographic methods of analysis"

QUASIMODO, SALVATORE, Italy, b. 1901, d. 1968: "for his lyrical poetry, which with classical fire expresses the tragic experience of life in our own times"

NOEL-BAKER, PHILIP J., Great Britain, b. 1889, d. 1982: Member of Parliament, life long ardent worker for international peace and co-operation .

Physiology or Medicine
The prize was awarded jointly to: OCHOA, SEVERO, U.S.A., New York University, College of Medicine, New York, NY, b. 1905 (in Luarca, Spain), d. 1993; and KORNBERG, ARTHUR, U.S.A., Stanford University, Stanford, CA, b. 1918: "for their discovery of the mechanisms in the biological synthesis of ribonucleic acid and deoxyribonucleic acid"

The prize was awarded jointly to: SEGRE, EMILIO GINO, U.S.A., University of California, Berkeley, CA, b. 1905 (in Tivoli, Italy), d. 1989; and CHAMBERLAIN, OWEN, U.S.A., University of California, Berkeley, CA, b. 1920: "for their discovery of the antiproton"

Pulitzer Prizes

Drama: Archibald MacLeish ... "J.B."
Fiction: Robert Lewis Taylor ... "The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters"
History: Leonard D. White & Jean Schneider ... "The Republican Era, 1869-1901"
International Reporting: Joseph Martin & Philip Santora ... "New York Daily News"
National Reporting: Howard Van Smith ... "Miami News"
Public Service: "Utica Observer Dispatch" & "Utica Daily Press" (NY)


Most Popular Books

1." Exodus"... Leon Uris. Doubleday
2."Doctor Zhivago"... Boris Pasternak. Pantheon Books
3."Hawaii" ... James Michener. Random House
4."Advise and Consent"... Allen Drury. Doubleday
5."Lady Chatterley's Lover" ... D. H. Lawrence. Grove Press
6."The Ugly American"... William J. Lederer and Eugene L. Burdick. Norton
7."Dear and Glorious Physician"... Taylor Caldwell. Doubleday
8."Lolita"... Vladimir Nabokov. Putnam
9."Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris"... Paul Gallico. Doubleday
10. "Poor No More"... Robert Ruark. Holt
1."Twixt Twelve and Twenty"... Pat Boone. Prentice-Hall
2."Folk Medicine"... D. C. Jarvis. Holt
3."For 2 Plain"... Harry Golden. World Publishing Co.
4."The Status Seekers"... Vance Packard. McKay
5."Act One"... Moss Hart. Random House
6."Charley Weaver's Letters from Mamma"...Cliff Arquette. Winston
7."Elements of Style"... William Strunk, Jr. and E. B. White. Macmillan
8."The General Foods Kitchens Cookbook"... Random House
9."Only in America"... Harry Golden. World Publishing Co.
10."Mine Enemy Grows Older"... Alexander King. Simon & Schuster


Most Popular Television Shows

1. Gunsmoke (CBS)
2. Wagon Train (NBC)
3. Have Gun Will Travel (CBS)
4. The Danny Thomas Show (CBS)
5. The Red Skeleton Show (CBS)
6. Father Knows Best (CBS)
7. 77 Sunset Strip (ABC)
8. The Price is Right (NBC)
9. Wanted: Dead or Alive (CBS)
10. Perry Mason (CBS)