Feel like you're in school again. Let's see how much you remember about your alma mater.
Trivia #43 - Which faculty member was a former Head Football Coach, Head Basketball Coach, and a Principal at another Mercer County High School?
Answer:  Melvin McClain
Trivia #42 - What member of our class became a doctor?
Answer:  Charles Mann
Trivia #41 - Which of our coaches is a member of the Concord University Athletic Hall of Fame?
Answer:  Coach Buster Brown
Trivia #40 - What members of our class retired from the Air Force?
Answer:  I knew that Robert Howery was retired Air Force but did not know that Charles Brooks was retired USAF CIV as an environmental specialist.

Trivia #39 - How many members of the Future Nurses became nurses?
Answer:  Anne Supler who was a nurse who specialized it taking care of patients with colostomies

Trivia #38 - Which three of our teachers later taught at Concord College?
Answer:  The answer was Lucille Bird, Jack Johnson and Louise Gentry.  Ed Wiley, who attended Concord after his military time remember Mr. Johnson and had a class taught by Mrs. Bird.  He also had a class taught by our own Roger Bailey. 
Trivia #37 - Several members of our class have either authored or co-authored books, any idea who?
Answer: The list to date is Ron Rumburg, Richard Flanigan, Ron Bailey, Lewis Lacy and John Harvey.
Trivia #36 - What was the name of the high school before it became PHS and where was it located?  For those of you in Princeton, take a drive on Mercer Street and look up!    You might just find the answer!!!
Answer:  Mercer School was the site of East River High School and was built in 1912, the name was later changed to Princeton High School and  moved to the Straley Ave. location where we attended the 9th grade.
Trivia #35 - Who was the assistant Principal before Fred Cook? 

Answer:  I think maybe that first year (9th grade) we were a little overcome and just did not observe quite as much.  In the 1956 annual Kelly Shutt is pictured as the assistant principal. I though he taught the algebra class that I had that year, maybe he did both.  He was not with us when we moved to the new school, that is the year his wife started in the home education dept.

Trivia #34 - What members of our class were aunt and niece and which was the aunt?
Answer: Shirley Barrett Anderson is the aunt of Judy Ellison Moulder

Trivia #33 - What member of our class was Miss West Virginia in 1961?
Answer: Kathy McManaway Epperly

Trivia #32 - There were a couple of places on Mercer Street where we used to gather to dance, can you name them?
Answer:  Did you remember the places mentioned in the question last week.  Quite a few of you did, Suzy-Q was the answer most of you gave.  If you remember there was a room at the back of the "small building" with a juke box and a lot of us went there to dance.  The other place was the Ritz, it was on Mercer St. across for Leggett's and was owned by a city policeman (I think).  It had a big room that we entered by a side entrance, booths we could sit in and a juke box.  Not sure how long it was there but I do remember it.  Some named the Tiger Den, I think that might have been closed about the same time we started to high school, remember it but do not think I was ever there.

Trivia #31  - Who in our class was a scientist for NASA and was chief of the division that dealt with material science experiments on manned space flights?
Answer:  Lewis Lacy.  Lewis lives in Texas now and is planning to attend the reunion.

Trivia # 30 - Which members of the faculty had children attending PHS during the 4 years we were in high school?  Hint:  One was in our class, one in the class of 1958 and one in class of 1956.
Answer:  From the class of 1959 the answer was Wanda Hughes, mother of Marilyn.  From the class of 1958 it was Melvin McClain (ok, I know, he was the principal not a teacher) father of Steve McClain.  The last one, class of 1956 was probably a little harder and required a little thought, the answer was Lucille Bird, mother of Charles Bird (a senior in 1956 and cousin of Anne Hundley).
Trivia # 29 -There is a picture that has been added to the 1959 Photo album section of this website.  Two of the people in the picture have been named.  Can you name the other two plus the instructor.  The picture is of the C.A.P. if you were a member or remember anyone who was please let us know.
 Answer:  The first and last persons were named.  Ron Bailey was first, one person thought it was Jim Agnew second (what do you think), no one named the adult, next was Robert Cooper and last was Mickey Belcher.  If any of you know who the adult is or if it is Jim Agnew, please let us know.
Trivia # 28 - Who from our class had the following nicknames? Tennis Ball, Shep Cat, Utley, Supie, Shag, Hot Rod, Tay, Tank, Ambrose, Sticks?   I am sure there were more that I do not remember, please send those too!
Tennis Ball - Mickey Belcher   there is a  story behind that name, I do not know the story but hope to find out.
Shep Cat - Lacy Shepherd   from the annual "Last Will and Testament"
Utley - ME  My middle name is Utley - a family name from Pennsylvania - someone found out in the 11th grade and started calling me Utley
Supie - Anne Supler
Shag - Marie Shaughnessy
Hot Rod - Rod Thorn
Tay - Wayne Taylor
Tank - Charles Thompson
Ambrose - Eddie Allen - again from the annual
Sticks - Ronnie Six - again from the annual and had to do with the three wearing white sports coats and black ties for their "band" in the Sr. Class Show
Trivia #27 - Who was the first person in our class to pass away and under what circumstances?
Answer: David "Clarkie" Higginbotham who was hit and killed by a drunk driver while on duty as a Washington, DC police officer on December 7, 1963. 
Trivia # 26 - Can  you remember where our 10 year reunion was held?  How about the 20th, 30th, 35th, 40th and 45th?
Answer:Our 10th reunion was held at the Dinner Bell in Princeton on the Oakvale Road and the picture was taken across the road on the bank.  The 20th and 30th were taken at the Holiday Inn, a short distance away from the Dinner Bell on the Oakvale Road.  Both buildings have been torn down and Lowe's, Chili's and a bank now occupy that space.  Our 35th was at Pipestem.  The 40th and 45th were at "The Club", the old Elks building and it has now been closed.  All of the reunion pictures are posted on our website and some have the names with them.
Trivia #25 - Quite a few in our class had nicknames, one of the most used was "Sally" do you know who I am talking about and the story behind the name? How many other nicknames do you know and who were they?
Answer Pending...
Trivia #24 - Some of our teachers had nicknames that we called them (behind their backs of course).  Can you name them?
Answer:  Nicknames for the teachers, I am sure we all had our own names for some of the teachers.  One e-mailed that they always called Miss Kane the "old battle ax", I always hear her called Killer Kane and quite a few sent that name in.  Another nickname was Bugs for Miss Carpenter.  I still call Coach Brown "Coach" when I see him (every week in church) because he coached most of the sports at the high school when we were there. 
Trivia #23 - Princeton High School now has an academic hall of fame, 3 members of our class have been honored by being inducted into the hall of fame.  Can you name them?
Answer:  A number of years ago Princeton High School started an Academic Hall of Fame (it was started in all high schools I think).  The criteria for becoming a member is not only academic achievements but service to Princeton and the high school.  Rod Thorn was the first of our class to inducted and I am not sure what year that was.  The year Gail Rector retired she was inducted, Gail spent most of her teaching career at PHS.  The last of our class to be inducted was Ron Bailey a couple of years ago.  Ron through his foundation (Bailey Family Foundation) has been giving scholarships to PHS for over 10 years and about 5 years ago included the 3 other high schools and 2 colleges in his program.  I have not counted the number of pictures on the wall at the high school but I do believe our class has the most members.
Trivia #22 - How many times has Princeton won the state basketball title, what years?  What year did we go up state?
Answer:  3, 1948 (Bob Coker even sent me the list of players on that team), 1979 and 1981.  I attended the game in 1981 with my sons.  We went upstate to Morgantown when we were juniors and lost the first game.  The next year we lost to Beckley in the regional.

Trivia #21 - How many members of the Future Teachers of America became teachers?  How many teachers are in our class?  Can you name them?
Answer:  The ones from the picture were Wayne Taylor(was a college professor), Alwlida Phelps Stephenson, Marilyn Hughes Remonko*, Dorothy Belcher Deeb, Patti Booker Askew, Marsha Bowling Hunt and Brenda Gillespie Husemann.  Other members of our class who became teachers are: Roger Bailey*,  Ron Bailey*, Mickey Belcher, Joyce Brock Henthorn, Carmen Charbonneau Dees, Janet Eggleston*, John Harvey*, Peggy Prentice Howery, Patty Lockley Giampocaro, Kathy McManaway Epperly*, James Parks*, Gail Rector, and Mason Worrell.  The ones with the * after them taught on the college level.  If I have left anyone out please let me know.

Trivia #20 - What member of our class was awarded the honor of Best Actress in the state in high school and later became a trained clown?
Answer:  The answer was Ann Hundley, most of us who knew her were not aware that she had taken clown training.
Trivia #19 - Think back to high school, who was the tallest member of our class?  
Answer:  The tallest person in our class is Mickey Belcher, who is 6' 7'' inches tall.  Mickey stated that he was close to if not a little taller than Rod Thorn in high school and grew several inches after graduation.  Mickey retired from Princeton High School and is still active in the Gideon's and sings in the choir at First United Methodist Church in Princeton. 

Trivia #18 - There is at least one lawyer in our class, he later became a judge.  Can you name him?      
Answer:  Edwin Wiley was a local lawyer for a number of years before he became a Family Court Judge, retiring this past year.    

#17 - There are at least 5 members of our class who are ministers.  Can you name them?
Our ministers are:  Ronnie Rumburg, Larry Repass, Dana Hambrick, Gary Fowler and for several years Richard Stephenson server as a supply minister for the Methodist Church.  In one e-mail Keith Farley (passed away last year) was also named as a minister. 
Ronnie Rumburg
Ronnie Rumburg
Larry Repass
Larry Repass
Dana Hambrick
Dana Hambrick
Gary Fowler
Gary Fowler
Keith Farley
Keith Farley
Richard Stephenson
Richard Stephenson

#16 - What three members of our class are teachers who taught at Princeton High School?  
Answer:  Gail Rector (spent most of her teaching career at PHS), Mickey Belcher (was there quite a few years) both of them retired from PHS and Alwilda Phelps Stephenson who taught there in the late 70's and early 80's.

#15 - Do you remember the Tiger Review on Saturday morning?  What was the call letters of the radio station and  who were the "reporters" from our class?
Did you remember listening to the radio on Saturday morning, I am sure I listened, just don't remember much about it.  The question came from Bill Hunnicutt and the class of 1958.  The call letters for the station were WLOH, some thought the letters stood for "We Love Our Hills" others always said it was "We Love Old Hunnicutt" because Harold Hunnicutt who owned the Pepsi plant in Princeton owned the radio station.   Jan Simpkins, Mary Jane Jackson Rorrer,  Kathy McManaway Epperly and Billy Byrd were the announcers.  Bill Hunnicutt added that they always closed the program with "Tomorrow is Sunday, see you in church" that I do not remember, do you?
#14 - How many sets of siblings did we have in our class and can you name any of them?
Answer:  I feel sure with the question last week, the first thought was Bonnie and Connie Roberts, our twins.  There were 7 more sets of siblings in our class:  Larry and Lillian King, Gary and Gay Davis, Buddy and Jane Gooch, Richard and Neva Godfrey, Richard and John Flanigan, Carl and Shirley Donley and Marvin and Barbara Ayers.
#13 - Name our Homecoming Queen, Maid of Honor, Senior Attendant and their escorts for our senior year.
Answer:  Queen Patti Booker Askew with escort Mark Whittaker, Maid of Honor Brenda Gillespie Husemann with escort Rod Thorn and Senior Attendant Mary Jane Jackson Rorrer with escort Ron Thomason.  Patti sent an e-mail about the memories it brought back.  Ron Thomason remembered all of the rain we had that day and the mud bowl the game was played in. 
#12 - How many were in our graduating class?  How many still live in Princeton, Mercer County and the surrounding area?
Answers:  There were 220 in our graduating class.  Now for the shocker, there are 100 of us living in the Mercer County area and about 10 that live with in a radius of 50 miles.  We have a couple as far away as California and a couple in the mid-west but most of the others are on the east coast.  Answers ranged for 267 for the first to 35 for the last. 
#11 - Of all the couples that dated with in our class how many married?  Can you name them?  
Answers:  The couples  were:  Patti Booker and Paul Askew, Geraldine Smith and John Coles, the late Arbutus Gillespie and Gary Davis, Becky Meador and Gary Fowler, Alwilda Phelps and Richard Stephenson and the couple that married after the 35th reunion, Peggy Prentice and Robert Howery.  I also received the answer of Gypsy Shumate and Fred Blankenship and Gerri Johnson and Ronnie Courtney.  As far as we know all of the couples are still married.
#10 - Two of the Bailey class members had a unique family relationship, who were they and what was the relationship?
Answers: Dale Bailey was Ron Bailey's uncle, Oscar Dishner is the uncle of Henry Stovall and Wilma Bowling is Fred Bowing’s aunt.
#9 - What was the most common surname in our class and can you name them?      
Answer:   Bailey...Bernard, Dale, Mary Louise, Roger, Ronnie, and on the last page of our pictures Delores.
# 8 - Who was our class sponsor in the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade?
Answer:  Jack Johnson in the 9th and Willie Marie Shumate in the 10th, 11th and 12th.

#7 - What teachers were related to each other?
Answer:  Bill and Jessie Lilly  (brother and sister), Elaine Keatley and Evelyn Bareford (double first cousins), Kelly Shutt (he taught in the 9th grade) and Arvinia Shutt (she taught in the 10th grade) husband and wife.

#6 - What teacher wrote the Alma Matre for Princeton High School, our senior year book was dedicated to her and she was later a professor at Fairmont State College?
Answer: Ms. Frances Moody

#5 - Remember that Mr. Young passed away in our junior year, he taught Geometry and Physics.  I know who took his place in our senior year but who took his place in our junior year?
Answer: We still do not have an answer.

#4 - Name the drive-in movies and locations, one was located in front of what class members home?
Answer: Anita Drive-in in front of Mark Whitakers home
Outdoor Theater on Bluefield Road, Skyway in Bluefield and later Pipestem.

#3 - Name the drive-ins (eating not movies) in the area, one was owed by the parents of a class member and one was previously owned the parents of a class member. Can you name the class members?  Not all were in the city limits.
Answer: Mooney's (formally Easter's owned by June Easters parents.  Bill's owned by Bob Mills parents.
Green Tree, Steels, Smiley's and the Beacon in Bluefield.

#2 - Where did we go for our senior day outing?
Answer: Little Beaver Lake at Grand View St. Park in Beckley

#1 - What was the date of our graduation, what were our colors, class flower and our class motto?
Answer: Date: May 29, 1959 (on a Friday), Colors: blue and white, Flower: White Rose and motto:  We have crossed the brook, now the ocean lies ahead.